Orlando day 3: Blues Travelers

Or: How I got hit in the head by John Popper’s harmonica and survived to blog about it.


Seriously, I got hit in the head by one of his harmonicas. He threw three in the crowd and the third one hit me. And no, I wasn’t quick enough to grab it – someone else beat me, nay scratched me to it.

[But first, cue harp flashback music]

The day started with some breakfast, followed by a visit to the gym and the pool. We then relaxed a bit, took showers and went to lunch at Seasons 52. I highly recommend it.

We then waited for SheilaCSR to get her butt to the hotel. We finally said hello as she was getting here and we were leaving for the Blues Travelers’ show at the House of Blues, where we walked around for a bit, had some food (too much food) and then stood around for 5 hours waiting in line, listening to Mike Dunn and the Kings of New England and then Blues Travelers. Oh, and did I mention I got hit in the head by an harmonica? Because I totally did.

We made our way back to the Hilton, where Avitable himself was waiting by the door to greet us (also, he was helping SheilaCSR staying up / walking). A few other bloggers were inside (Poppy, Dawg, Finn, Bellaventa, Kim205, Mr. Fab, Turnbaby and a few others I’m forgetting I’m sure.

Because I got hit in the head.

The end.


I wonder what I’ll do today…



  1. Dude.

    I could totally walk all by myself.

    It was the staying upright while standing still that gave me all that trouble.

    Stupid rental car company screwed us – it took us four hours to get to the hotel from the time we got off the plane til we got there.

    P.S. Maybe next time we’re in the same area, we can actually do something crazy and spend time together?
    .-= Sheila (Charm School Reject)´s last blog ..Come Sail Away =-.

  2. @SheilaCSR: Hey, I was all for craziness and timespendintogetherness. It’s just harder to coordinate a group of three and a group of two. Next time!

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