Avitaween 2009 Recap

All right, what can I say that has not been said in a much better recap yet?

The Costume

The Famous Accessory

The Famous Accessory

Well, I’m not one to toot my own horn, but as most of you already know, my costume kicked ass – if I do say so myself. 😉 The reaction when I walked in was priceless, and well worth all the thinking, planning and shopping in the women’s section at Wal-Mart I had to do to get this done. However, I couldn’t have done it without the support of LovelyWife (despite her first reaction when I showed her the original picture: “You’re going to this party naked?”) who sewed the thing together, Dave2 who agreed to bring the famous t-shirt with him when I told him I was worried that the shipping delays would screw with my last-minute idea, and of course Avitable for the inspiration behind the picture that Invaded! our Tweeter Timeline many months ago.

The People

It’s not a successful party unless there’s a lot of interesting people around, and this party was a massive success! I don’t want to forget anyone I met, so I will not try to link to everyone or even mention everyone I met. Just know that each and every person I spoke to, smiled at, listen to while they where at the karaoke station, absolutely made my day. For those of you that I had already met last year, it was a blast to see you again. For those of you who I met this year for the first time, you are awesome! Oh and for the few that I didn’t meet or recognize before I looked at the Flickr Pool, I am so sorry and I can’t believe that I’ve missed saying hi to you!

Of course, I also met people outside of the soirée, and those people now hold a special place in my heart.

Last year I was really anxious about meeting my first 3D blogger (turned out it was Mr. Fab & Turnbaby) so this year I was wondering who I would recognize first or who would recognize me first. The first blogger I met was Robin. She was sitting down with her back to me in the executive concierge area, texting away. I resisted the urge to creep behind her and tell her that I was pulling up to her bumper, but I really really wanted to. 🙂  Instead I just said: “Hi Robin!” and her “Oh shit!” reply made me smile. We chatted for a little while we had breakfast and then briefly met with Dave2 – he was meeting with Robin and bringing me the t-shirt – before we parted ways.

Then much later that night I joined Poppy & Dawg in the closing-too-soon Hilton Bar. I did see CMG walk through the lobby, but by the time my brain remembered her real name she was already gone. 😦

The next day we met with The Libragirl. She was just sitting in the breakfast area reading her Amazon Kindle and we chatted about stuff we could be doing. Unfortunately, it didn’t really pan out as LovelyWife and I already had plans for that day. We also managed to walk by SheilaCSR – not literally walkedby, but it sure felt that way – as we were going to see our Blues Traveler show at the House of Blues.

EDIT: WordPress ate the rest of my post! WTH??? I had about 500 more words written here. 😦



  1. @Hilly: I totally ate the part where I tell Suze I hugged you for her. 😦

    @Robin: I know, I’m kinda kicking myself now. But there’s a fine balance between “Funny inside joke” and “creepy Canadian stalker”. I played it safe. Not to mention I didn’t want to freak out LovelyWife right off the bat. :mrgreen:

  2. @SheilaCSR: And you got to see me before your vision became blurry… :mrgreen:

    @HeckeyManDad: Ditto! I’ll never look at the Isles the same way again. 🙂

    @Ren: It was great to hang with you and Marci too! Too bad Waterloo is far from Ottawa… far but not impossible. I’m not a half-bad pool player I tell ya. 😛

    @Sarah: Definitely. Next time, right?

    @Avitable: Nice. I should re-write that. I’ll have some time Monday night hopefully.

    @Employee No. 3699: Hehehehe! It was great meeting you too, even though I kept forgetting your Blog name. 😉

    @Ed: Woah man, nobody gets down on the costume. :mrgreen:

    @Sybil Law: Glad I made you LOL. That was the whole point of the costume really. Adam’s face was priceless. 🙂 I’ll finish the post Monday (I’ll back-date it to Saturday probably).

  3. @MartyMankins: Yay! Once again, I get to say ditto! Oh yeah, not to worry you sounded fine. I think I’ll have a hard time topping the costume next year. Maybe I’ll do a repeat? Hehehehe.

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