One bullet short of a full gun (the Denver Edition)

  • November in Denver is really really warm. Who knew it would be this nice and that I could have a nice dinner with @CTug in a place where the windows were open and it was still warm? Amazing.
  • I didn’t go to Coyote Ugly while I was here. Will I regret that decision? Probably. Will I lose sleep over it? Probably not. 🙂
  • I couldn’t meet with Princepessa while here. Boooooooo!
  • At this point, the conference I’m at is better than last year’s conference, but still had a lot of duds as far as sessions went. The old “title switcheroo” scam is starting to get old.
  • I broke my camera. However I think I might be able to fix it myself. What do you think, should I just forget about fixing it and get a new one?

In pure Call of Cthulhu tradition, I’ll keep the last bullet for myself for the madness of getting back home around midnight tonight.


  1. I broke my camera’s LCD a couple of years ago and fixed it myself. I suspect you are a lot more capable than I when it comes to things like this.

    If you fix it, you can always celebrate by buying a new camera anyway.
    .-= delmer´s last blog ..Bruuuuuuce =-.

  2. I didn’t even know Denver HAD a Coyote Ugly until you mentioned it… 😯

    It was a match made in meet-a-blogger heaven. You didn’t make me eat sushi, I didn’t make you smoke, we both got carded. Fun times. 😉
    .-= Tug´s last blog ..Coors Field =-.

  3. @THE BROTHER: Noted. Any suggestions?

    @SheilaCSR: I would have been nice. To meet her, not for you to keel over. Plus I’ve already seen you keel over, right? :mrgreen:

    @Kevin Spencer: What did you buy? Point and Shoot, SLR?

    @Delmer: It’s just the selector knob on the camera that doesn’t select. I apparently only need to raise the contacts.

    @Sybil Law: What do you have in mind? 😆

    @Tug: Fun times indeed! Why would you make me smoke?

  4. With cameras as cheap as they are these days, I say make an attempt to fix it, but then keeping an eye on the current models just in case.

    I’ve only been to Denver (in the city) once back in June 2007 and it was nice and warm then. Good to know if I’m ever there in November, I’ll be warm enough.
    .-= martymankins´s last blog ..Birthday Interruption =-.

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