Just a few quickies (TWSS*)

Why does the 4th person to get on the bus sits right next to another person? There was about 50 free seats.

Why is it that whenever I wear my leather jacket and my backpack, my shirt always rides up my back? It doesn’t do that with any other jacket I wear.

Why do people on the bus don’t move away from me when there’s a plethora of free seats? That woman sat right besides me – it was the only seat left I think – but I get out at the end of the line. So about 10 stops before the terminus, there’s only me and her on the bus, but she is still sitting right besides me. Sigh.

Why is it so dark at 17:00 (That’s 5 p.m.)? I don’t get the daylight saving time. Why are we saving daylight for? Now it’s dark in the morning and dark at night.

What is the best Twitter application for the iPhone? I’m just curious… 🙂

If I get the same coffee from the same coffee place at about the same time every morning, why is the coffee always tasting different?

Why is the guy from Dell telling me to call him back between this time and that time never at his desk when I call?

*That’s what she said



  1. I hate sitting next to people on the train.*

    And as soon as a seat opens up, I get up and move. If they are the ones who got into the seat with me, I’ll gauge my level of rudeness for the day and more than likely ask them to move.

    *Of course, I commute with The BFF so this isn’t usually a problem because I *like* sitting with her.

    PS The Dell Dude hates you. That’s why.
    .-= Sheila (Charm School Reject)´s last blog .. =-.

  2. @SheilaCSR: That’s because you’re badass and I’m… not. 😯

    @Faiqa: Great, now I’ll think everyone is a pervert on the bus. Sigh. 😀

    @Ren: It’s like looking into your future, eh. 😆

    @Hello Haha Narf: I wouldn’t hate you, because I would like to sit besides you. You’re not smelly and gross. :mrgreen:

  3. “Why do people on the bus don’t move away from me when there’s a plethora of free seats?”

    Comme Faiqa a dit: Tu es le sexy.

    When I was in BC over the summer it stayed daylight seemingly forever (at least a bit longer than it does in Ohio). Now, when I’m there, I swear it’s dark at 4:30. QLF?

    By the time I get out of work it’s getting dark. Thank God we’re not too far away from the days starting to get longer again.
    .-= delmer´s last blog ..Knees =-.

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