Swine Flu

I love cartoon reclycling. A colleage of mine sent be this one:


Title: The flu spreads across the world
Character: Like we needed that…

What gets me the most about this cartoon is the bad Photoshop job of removing the kind of flu it was originally used for. You can clearly see that there’s a apace for “avian”, “spanish” or any other kind of flu you can think of. When the extraterrestrial flu hits in 2057, I’m willing to bet that cartoon will make the rounds again.

Of course, it took me 2 minutes to create a blank and make my own jokes with that cartoon.


Title: The MAN FLU spreads across the world
Character: Bob is that you?


Title: The Mexican Flu spreads across the world
Character: AY CARAMBA!


Title: People getting up late go to work with their covers
Character: We’ll still stop at Tim?


This one is in English

Cartoon recycling. Gotta love it.



  1. Shamone!

    I remember seeing an African American comedian (the guy who financed one of his first movies using his credit cards) in a sketch where he was playing Michael Jackson as a detective questioning a subject. Periodically he’d get in the bad guy’s face and yell “shamone!”

    (It was funnier than it comes across in a blog comment.)
    .-= delmer´s last blog ..Michigan Weekend =-.

  2. @Avitable: Funny enough, the Tim Horton’s one was a massive success here. 🙂

    @Delmer: You couldn’t find a clip on YouTube? :mrgreen:

    @SheilaCSR: You know I’m bad. 😛

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