Month: December 2009

The Final Countdown

I still like the G.O.B. version better. 😉



What’s a Delmer Look Like?

Funny how things work. Have you heard of the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon? Just tonight, I was discussing the funniness of Delmer’s comment on a recent post of mine. In fact, LW was sitting on the couch chuckling to her laptop. I asked her what she was chuckling about, and she replied “a funny comment on your blog”. My reply was then “It’s Delmer’s comment, right?” and it was. Delmer is a funny man.

Now thanks to the already mentionned Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon, it’s no wonder that Delmer was going to come up again today…

I already did a post about how I thought Delmer, from the famous “What’s a Delmer look like?“, looked like Bruce Spence. Well tonight I watched Sideways (2004).

That’s Delmer. On the right.

The guy on the left is called Thomas Haden Church apparently. I think it’s one of Delmer’s covers. I think Delmer is really a spy, and that we’ll never know exactly what he looks like. 😉

One of these things is not just like the others…

So, where do you stand on the Delmer Continuum?

What about next year?

Look how happy the kids are!

Now that Christmas is officially over, I turn my attention to next year’s Christmas.

What do I really want for Christmas?


Not as in “All the frakkin’ stuff I could get”. More like I want everything to be fun, easy, awesome, simple, cool, joyous, relaxing, peaceful, sweet, merry.

Not that these Christmases were not all that. They were. Seriously.

But wait! (That’s for Becky)

I would absolutely love for all the Christmases to combine all those qualities all the time. I know, I know… But I can dream, can’t I?

I would love to have one giant Christmas party with all the families together instead of the 3 Christmas dinners over 4 days, followed by the 4 post Christmas lunches, followed by the afternoon visit, etc. So in order to make this possible (well, in order to put it out there) I already started proposing that for next Christmas, we rent a cottage and have a giant 2-3 day long party there with everyone from LovelyWife’s side and my side of the family. Will it work? I don’t know but I hope so.

How awesome would it be really? A nice fire in the fireplace, some hot cocoa for the kids / great wine for the adults, cooking an awesome meal all together, listening to music, relaxing…

Who’s with me?