Wordless Wednesday



Edit: Hmm. So it looks like I’m doing this Wordless Wednesday wrong. I now have 5 “Words with Friends” games going. That’s a lot of words!



  1. Kapgar: I never played much. There’s no Windows 7 minesweeper? Really? I gotta look now. :mrgreen:

    Hilly: I don’t know how to play minesweeper. And I do play WWF with you now. 🙂

    Avitable: I admit I got lucky on that one. I’m also learning how to play you. :mrgreen:

    SheilaCSR: Avitable is a really nice Scrabble player. He uses big words like “dome”, but we both knew he meant “do me”. :mrgreen:

    DutchBitch: I do now. :mrgreen:

    Ren: Opening with dildo was awesome. I think it sets the tone for the rest of the game.

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