Wow, is Thursday done already?

Hey, look I didn’t have time to blog today.

But I did have time to make a nice logo for the 2010 June-ish Washington BlondeBlogger DC Meetup. Look:


Read about the Meetup at BlondeBlogger’s place.

Thanks to MartyMankins for the AC/DC inspiration. 🙂

Oh, a while back I made another logo for another meetup, also in June 2010. The Midwest Maffia Milwaukee Meetup – Or something like that.


There’s a Facebook page here.

Don’t worry, I won’t quit my day job just yet. :mrgreen:



  1. @Tug: We had no logo, but we did meet… I made those two logos, but I might not be there. What’s the better deal? :mrgreen:

    @Kapgar: There are several theories about the origin of the term “Mafia” (sometimes spelled “Maffia” in early texts).

    @Avitable: What extra f? ::whistles innocently::

    @Hilly: New Year’s party at my house. I’m pointing it out to you. It’s a month in advance. Hilly in Canada! W00t!! 😆

  2. @Sybil Law: You should hold on for “the Aboot Abut” to be held in Ottawa. I’m thinking in June. :mrgreen:

    @BlondeBlogger: It was fun to do, really. Glad you like it!

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