I’m having Words With Friends

But it’s a good thing.

I’m running 8 games at once. I will dream about tiles and weird short words with the letters Q, Z or F in them. If you’re playing Words With Friends on the iTouch/iPhone, play me! My username is LeSombre. Oh, because of all my experience playing scrabble against all of you, I came up with a guide on how to beat all of you! Booya!


  • Don’t let him play on the TW, TL or DW squares – whatever those mean. These squares seem to be important somehow.
  • Play weird words like “Sith” to discract him. This is not the word you are looking for *waves hand*


  • Get good letters. Try to avoid getting “e e e i i o y”, as “e-i-e-i-y-o-e” is not an acceptable word.


  • Play words with a Chinese food theme so she runs off to the Chinese food place (The have one is Asskatchewan), leaving you with more time to find good words.


  • Watch out for the dreaded “ox” and “qi”.


  • If you give her “orgasm”, she might let you win.


  • Counter his “dildo” with “condom”.


  • Grab all the “A”


  • Pretend you’re shocked at her use of “naked”, “nude” and “tit”, forcing her to find dirty words to play. 🙂


And of course, if you can’t beat all of them, just pretend you do in a blog post. 🙂



  1. @DutchBitch: Awwww, don’t cry! Ask Avitable, I’m not alwys that (lucky) with the letters. 😳

    @Avitable: We have cookies.

    @Hilly: That makes sense now… How do I play against that? 😆

    @Ren: Oh right! Okay, so you put the condom on the base that I put in play. Wait…

    @Lisa: I think it’s an awesome time-waster. I mean that in the sense that it’s a time-waster that actually uses your brain. Much better than breaking bricks. :mrgreen:

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