A Judge, moi?

My mom would be so proud. I am finally a Judge.

Granted, it’s not for a court of Law, but it’s still called being a Judge so I’m totally counting it. Ever since I watched Night Court as a little kid, I had this dream. Updating my résumé now… 😉

Anyhoo, my good friend NYCWD (you all know Dawg, right? He’s famous for this thing he does… What’s it called again? You know his thingy video thing… He dates another famous person… You know? ) asked me to be one of the esteemed judges for his Social Media Responder 2009 (#SMR2009) contest.  You can see my killer profile and even more awesome profile picture on PIO Social Media Training. Sweet, right?


If you’re too lazy to visit…

As an added bonus, I will be under Hilly for the duration of this contest.

As a Judge, my duties include – but are not limited to – receiving bribes, drinking Scotch, arguing with other Judges (I AM THE LAW!), Wearing a goofy hat and walking around naked under a robe. I think I’m overqualified really. But what’s higher than a Judge, really?

Anyways, when I submitted the picture above, I took like a million of them – I’m not really photogenic so it’s hard for me to find a picture I like without photoshopping the fat Hell out of it – And I thought I could amuse you with some of the rejected profile pictures. Enjoy!


My mom would be so proud. :mrgreen:



  1. @NYCWD: OTOH, if they stay after that you know your site is that awesome, right? 😛

    @Hello Haha Narf: Yay I made you laugh! Success! :mrgreen:

    @Delmer: Ricky Gervaise? Not sure how I feel about that… Thanks I guess? 😕

    @HockeyManDad: And I didn’t do anything yet! I rule!

    @Hilly: Hey you should ask Dawg, he’s the one who positioned us. 😛

    @Sybil Law: Yay for LOLing! 😀

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