Month: January 2010


You’ve seen this right?

Not being an Apple Whore like my buddy Dave2, I was really surprised about how excited I got about this mysterious iTablet iSlate iPad thingy before it got unveiled. I even told myself:

I’ll get one when it becomes available in Canada – Just for kicks. Heck, the last time I did something even remotely like that was when I stood in line 30+ hours to see the first showing of the Phantom Menace.

Alas, the more I followed the keynote, the less enthused I became about the giant iTouch.

Now, I’m just meh about it. I mean, I already have a laptop and an iPhone, and I can’t see myself carrying this thing on the bus or even in a pocket when I’m out for a walk.

What about you? What do you think?

Diptych – Green

This week I’m having my own little diptych. 😉

Clicking here takes you to the Diptych Set on Flickr

I’m reusing old pictures because like the dumb-dumb I am, I spent the whole week taking pictures of BLUE things. I did have a picture that I thought I would use, but it was only green in spirit. It’s this one:

Clicking here takes you to the Diptych Set on Flickr

The theme of the project is Diptych and the idea is that every week Finn and Ren will each take a picture based on a predetermined theme and then we will display both pictures together on their blogs.

I’ll try my best to keep up with them. Even if it means I have to reuse old pictures. ;-)

How crazy is this?

First thing first: Today is Avitable’s birthday. Way back when, Hilly tricked me into believing that it was Adam’s Birthday when it wasn’t. But today I’m pretty sure it is Adam’s birthday. So go over there and wish Avitable the bestest birthday wishes ever. Doooooooooo it. Then come back and read the rest of this post. Please?

Thank you. 😉

And of course: Happy Birthday Adam!

I’m considering moving the stove over about six inches to the right in order to accommodate this baby. My current espresso machine is about 3 inches narrower. That would require rebuilding the counter top, moving the upper and lower cabinets – nobody wants the stove not aligned with the range hood, right – and doing some electrical work.

Seriously, is this sexy or just plain dumb? You’re with me right? Nobody puts that baby in a corner… 😉

The alternative is to get a new house. Unless you see another option?

One bullet short of a full gun (26)

Bullets about the week-end, since that no blogging thing on the week-end is working so well. 😉
  • Pizza! Is there seriously anything better in the world than having an impromptu dinner with friends on Friday night? We ordered some pizza, opened a great bottle of wine and the week-end was off to an awesome start!
  • Cupcakes! If that wasn’t enough, LovelyWife made amazing cupcakes – after I wanted some last week. She made “Blue Velvet cupcakes”, a variation on red velvet ones. Yum-O. No pictures, because they were gone faster then Keyser Söze.
  • Slide! We went tobogganing on Saturday afternoon with the kids and friends. We had an awesome time and nobody got killed! 😉 Unfortunately the rain is messing up all kinds of outdoor plans. Do I sound disappointed enough? Yo can see all the pictures on Flickr.
  • Dust and crap! Sunday morning was spent cleaning up the playroom. It’s amazing the amount of dust and crap that can collect under and behind furniture! Silver lining: We can all breathe much easier now. Plus, the kids have a truckload of space to play in!
  • More Cupcakes! What is better than having blue velvet cupcakes on Saturday? If you answered having red velvet cupcakes on Sunday you are absolutely right! 😉

In pure Call of Cthulhu tradition, I’ll keep the last bullet for myself for when the madness returns on Wednesday night.

Is it Friday already?

Well look at that. I didn’t blog this morning.

In my defense, I had a pretty busy and messed-up week, so I’m a little tired.

And what do you know…I didn’t blog last week-end either and the World didn’t stop, nothing really exploded and nobody died from blog deprivation.  😉 Guess what that means?

I’ll see you Monday.