I think it’s the Cable Company that’s “High”.

I think I’m getting screwed by Channel 4.

That’s Channel 4 on lo-def.

That’s Channel 4 on hi-def.

I mean the picture quality is much better in HD. But what’s the deal with all the bottom of the text missing? Did Channel 4 think that I would be so mesmerized by the picture quality that I wouldn’t  notice that half of the ticker is missing? What should I call this, Faux-D?

But that’s not the thing I like the most about the HD experience. It’s when the Cable Company pulls something like this: They take a regular picture like this one…

And magically turn it into the ultimate viewing experience just by doing this:

But if only it was this simple. Because my TV is in the 4:3 format, the HD actually looks like this:

But then again, when watching “Conveyor Belt of Love”, I guess that could be considered a plus.

Did anyone say I need a bigger TV?



  1. @Lynda: Do you only watch short films? :mrgreen:

    @Delmer: Nah, he tried to get into the secret Coors Manor and was catapulted over the palm trees.

    @CMG: Fortunately (?) the size of my living room would dictate the maximum size of the TV I can get. I don’t think I could go higher than 44″ at this point. But when I finally finish the TV room in the basement… We’ll revisit that number. :mrgreen:

    @MartyMankins: Remember the days where just a few pixels qualified as entertainment? 😆

    @HockeyManDad: I don’t know if you noticed, but French and English use the same alphabet. Just sayin’. 😛

    @Becky: Never too big, as long as lube is involved? :mrgreen:

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