One bullet short of a full gun (25)

Yay it’s the first One bullet short of a full gun of 2010. Rejoice people!

  • Apparently, today is DELURKER DAY! So go ahead, delurk and let me know you exist in the comments! It’s really easy: make fun of my spelling, my accent, my face… The choice is yours! 😉

Come out come out, where ever you are!!!
  • Looking back on some of last years’ projects, I notice that my the Year of the Purge (tYotP) project didn’t really pan out the way I thought it would. It’s not that I didn’t purge stuff, I just stopped being interested in telling the World about the stuff I was purging slash ran out of ways to follow the alphabet while being funny. So what to do? Kill the page, fill the page in one fell swoop of just leave it as is as areminder that not all projects turn out the way they’re intended to?
  • When I drive into work, I park in the underground garage for 12$ a day. Now in a corner of the garage, there’s this cylinder pipe sticking out about a foot out of the ground. Is it wrong that whenever I drive by that pipe I think: “Why would someone leave a Bowmore 12 years in that corner?”. Maybe that bullet would work better with pictures. Can you see it in your head?

A great way to start the day!
  • In other news, I had a senior moment yesterday. I have this routine when I get home: I go up to the bedroom, take my shirt and pants jeans off and change into a t-shirt and sometimes (if you’re lucky) some older rattier jeans. It’s like my own version of a house coat. Anyways. As I’m stripping down yesterday I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I thought: “That’s not my underwear?!?”.
  • I’m thinking of doing something like Karl’s Birthday dares this year, except I would decide on dares and then maybe talk about them online if it turns out that it’s funny or blog worthy. It’s nothing like Karl’s dares. The first thing I want to challenge myself to do is to not bring home my laptop for a full month. Do you think I could do it? Who’s willing to bet I’ll go crazy, and after how many days?

In pure Call of Cthulhu tradition, I’ll keep the last bullet for myself for when the madness finally comes.

Grrrrrr-Rrrrrrawr! Come here appetizers!


  1. @Willie G: Yeah, what’s up with that? I miss those drunken Tweets dude. 😉

    @Dave2: Right back at ya! 😆

    @HockeyManDad: Yes, it’s pretty smooth & tasty. I like the ones with more peat flavor though.

    @Ren: ::waves::

    @Nenette: All of the above? ;-P

    @MissMadHatter: They’re in the mail…

    @MartyMankins: Could I really do two months? You know I picked February because it’s the shortest one, right? 😉

    @Sybil Law: Nah, we’re fine. 😉

    @Faiqa: I don’t really hang out with people that are in their right mind, in case you didn’t notice. Well, except you of course. 😉

    @Sarah: You really shouldn’t make fun of the elderly. I might come back to haunt you, you know?

  2. @Delmer: If there was a month with less than 28 days, I would pick that one. 😉 Already tried it yesterday night and I’m not sure I could last a month. :mrgreen:

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