One bullet short of a full gun (26)

Bullets about the week-end, since that no blogging thing on the week-end is working so well. 😉
  • Pizza! Is there seriously anything better in the world than having an impromptu dinner with friends on Friday night? We ordered some pizza, opened a great bottle of wine and the week-end was off to an awesome start!
  • Cupcakes! If that wasn’t enough, LovelyWife made amazing cupcakes – after I wanted some last week. She made “Blue Velvet cupcakes”, a variation on red velvet ones. Yum-O. No pictures, because they were gone faster then Keyser Söze.
  • Slide! We went tobogganing on Saturday afternoon with the kids and friends. We had an awesome time and nobody got killed! 😉 Unfortunately the rain is messing up all kinds of outdoor plans. Do I sound disappointed enough? Yo can see all the pictures on Flickr.
  • Dust and crap! Sunday morning was spent cleaning up the playroom. It’s amazing the amount of dust and crap that can collect under and behind furniture! Silver lining: We can all breathe much easier now. Plus, the kids have a truckload of space to play in!
  • More Cupcakes! What is better than having blue velvet cupcakes on Saturday? If you answered having red velvet cupcakes on Sunday you are absolutely right! 😉

In pure Call of Cthulhu tradition, I’ll keep the last bullet for myself for when the madness returns on Wednesday night.



  1. @Sybil Law: It was!

    @DutchBitch: Pizza and Wine: It’s not just for Friday!

    @Lynda: Thanks! Chocolate sounds nice too. I’m adding chocolate fondue for next week-end.

    @CMG: Glad I can “inspire” you. Now bake your heart out – and post pictures!

    @Suze: It was pretty decent. Could’ve used some more Band Hero. 😉

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