Even the Best Laid Plan…


Once the first (Espresso) shot is fired, the plan goes out the window.
Some guy from some movie (I’m pretty sure)

I was going for that:

Nice and semi-automatic

But ended up going with this instead:

Really nice and fully automatic

Why did I go for a machine that costs twice the one I wanted? LovelyWife called it a Valentine’s Day gift.

Crap. That’s now what my gift to her will look like. Even after I special-ordered it straight from Japan.



  1. Someone clever should make a joke about Lovely Wife’s mathematical affinities and the fact that she’s an angle and then say something about how being treated like potato is a criminal offense.

    Yeah. *Someone* should do that.

  2. @Lynda: Actually, she wanted to remodel too. Women. 🙄

    @Sybil Law: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. :mrgreen:

    @Finn: I like potahtoes… Let’s call the whole thing off. 😉

    @Kevin Spencer: We’ll be espresso brothers. :mrgreen:

    @Suze: Hahahaha! That would’ve been awesome. 😯

    @SheilaCSR: What can I say, I like hanging out with the bad crowd. :mrgreen:

    @Faiqa: If only I knew some clever people! 😈

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