How’s my week you ask?

Chickenpox in da house! Happy scratching.

P.S.: It’s just AudaciousSon at this point.

P.P.S.: I never had chickenpox (nor smallpox). I hope I never get it.

P.P.P.S.: I’m itchy all over just thinking about it.

P.P.P.P.S.: Not as fun as bubble wrap.



  1. @Finn: I know, that’s why I’m at work – drinking Single Malt. That will ward off the evil microbes and bacteria, right? Anyways, that’s what I told my boss. :mrgreen:

  2. @Sybil Law: Fingers crossed! Also, you can’t really scratch yourself with crossed fingers. 😉

    @Kevin Spencer: Well, I’m still solid at this point (not spotted). Hopefully this will last. Forever. :mrgreen:

    @Faiqa: No worries, a lot of people think I’m preggers. You know, because of my *GLOWING SKIN*. At least that’s what I like to pretend. Lalalalala I can’t hear you. 😀

  3. @SheilaCSR: Well, it looks like almost everyone here got it twice. The jury is still out for me, as my mom seems to think I got it, or that I didn’t. One of those. :mrgreen:

  4. @MartyMankins: I’m still spot free at this point. W00t! Of course, now that I wrote this, I’ll probably get it tomorrow. :mrgreen:

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