Month: April 2010


Mikey likes wine

‘Kayso recently I took some wine-tasting classes, and to my surprise, I really like wine.

I mean I knew I liked wine, but I’m a Single Malt guy and I thought that wouldn’t be able to taste the more subtle differences in wine compared to a really peaty and smoky Scotch – if that makes sense. But it turns out I’m not that bad at smelling and tasting. I’m vaguely considering doing a sommelier certificate just for kicks and giggles.

In any case, I thought I’d share with you some of the discoveries I made over the week-end.

But then this happened:

Ahem. This is my work computer! Dammit! Now I’m going to have to spend the day cleaning out this sh*t… I was really mad. But then a few seconds later I got this warning:

And it really made me laugh out loud.

So, I guess I’m out for a little while. Please cook some spaghetti for me, and hope that I get touched by His noodly appendage.

Diptych – Sexay

The theme of the project is Diptych and the idea is that every week Finn and Ren will each take a picture based on a predetermined theme and then we will display both pictures together on their blogs.

Except I got tired of trying to keep up with them. ;-)

So the extraordinaire Lady Penelope and I are doing our own Diptych. Don’t worry, this is most likely a one time deal. Enjoy.

Lady Penelope “Sexay”

LeSombre “Sexay”

Well. That was that. :mrgreen:

Here we go…

CutieDaughter will turn twelve this summer.

With twelve comes great power, and we all know that with great power comes great responsibilities.

Ah superheroes, is there anything they can’t teach us?

We’re sitting at the table this morning – having breakfast – and CutieDaughter says:

CD: “I know what I want for my birthday…”

Me: “What do you want for your birthday?”

CD: “…”

Me: “That’s a really good strategy you know. By not telling me, you’re pretty much guaranteed not to get it. I’m guessing you want some carrots for your birthday. Done!”

CD: “I don’t want carrots for my birthday!”

(This goes on for a little while)

CD: “I want a cell phone for my birthday.”

Me: “What would you do with a cell phone?”

CD: “Well, I’ll be twelve, and I’ll have a lot of babysitting jobs, so I will definitely need a cell phone…”

I’m guessing she’ll say “In case of an emergency”, and I’m kinda proud of CutieDaugher for being so responsible. So at this point in my head, I’ve already got her a cell phone.

CD: “…so I can call you to come pick me up when I’m done babysitting.”

LW: “Hahahahahaha!”

AudaciousSon pipes up.

AS: “Me too! I want a cell phone!”

CD: “There’s no way you’re getting a cell phone at NINE mister! You already have a better iPod than mine!”

AS: “All right, if I can’t get a cell phone, I want a grappling hook.”

Ah superheroes, is there anything they can’t teach us?

One bullet short of a full gun (29)

  • I really enjoy that wine tasting class we’re taking. I think I’ll continue with the homework – namely, trying new wines every week – even after the class is over… Like I need more excuses to get drunk. I gotta say this thing was kinda weird. Also, I love Champagne. That is all. Oh wait, no. I heard there was some Whiskey tasting classes offered in Ottawa. Ohhh!
  • Didn’t clean my BBQ yet. I think I should. What do you think? Steaks anyone?
  • I’m running out of excuses to bike my ass to work. Might do this before the week is over… Meteomedia seems to say that I should do this before Thursday and Friday, when rain is expected.

  • My bathroom fan is not working. It never was. This needs fixin’. Also, new moldings, new paint, clean windows, cut branches… Damn, this never ends. Condo anyone? Maybe I should just get those dudes with the giant feather fans for my bathroom instead. That might require a bigger bathroom. Can’t win.
  • Setting up a new computer is such a drag. But hey, it’s a new computer!

In pure Call of Cthulhu tradition, I’ll keep the last bullet for myself for when the madness finally comes.

Closer… Closer…