It’s that time of the month*

As some of you following me on Twitter and/or on FourSquare, you already know that I got an iPad for LovelyWife last Friday.

How sweet is this?

I originally didn’t plan on getting LovelyWife (or myself) an iPad, but as I walked past the overflowing Rideau Centre Apple Store, I casually asked one of the Apple Dudes** if all of these people were in line to buy an iPad. I mean it was ridiculous, I couldn’t even see the back of the store.

He said no, that all these people were just “browsing”. He then asked me which model I was thinking of getting, handed me a card that had a picture of an iPad and waved over an Apple Dudette*** that looks just like OhSarahJoy used to look. CloneFromPastSarah took me to the back of the store, parting the sea of “browsers” before me, handed me a box, swiped my credit card and wished me a great week-end. I was in and out in less than five minutes**** with a brand spanking new 32G Wi-Fi iPad.

For LovelyWife.

I’ve already said that I’m not part of the target clientèle for the iPad – I got a laptop that I carry around all the time and an iPhone – but I gotta admit that’s a pretty cool toy to have.

The screen is brilliant, the weight and feel is awesome. The apps are pretty cool, but I already knew that from the iPhone. I think it makes a lot of sense for an in-house use and replaced the older laptop LovelyWife was using to browse the web, read the news, watch some tv on the computer or get recipes.

Let’s not forget Sudoku.

So I’d say this is an all-around great buy. I’m guessing it’ll get even better as we discover new ways of using the device.

Now if there was only a user-facing camera integrated. That will be the second generation iPad. That one will be mine.


*I figured that I’d get the “pad” joke out of the way as quickly as possible.

** I know they’re called Apple Geniuses, but really the Dude was just handing out business card sized pieces of paper identifying the model of iPad you were buying. I’m  sure he’s not really a Genius.

*** Dudette did a little more than the Dude, and did it efficiently. Closer to a Genius. Almost.

**** This setup is for BluePaintRed. I owed you at least one, Blue. How’s that chin of yours, BTW?



  1. My chin is all shades of yellow and green with a dash of purple just to make things interesting. It still hurts to touch. Actually, along the whole one side of my jaw hurts to the touch.

    But I downloaded an app for hugging and it came pre-installed with one that repeats reassuringly “It’s OK pumpkin, here… let me get you some ice” so I’m not *too* sad.

    (And yeah I’m still ticked off my iPad was 13 minutes later then that Schedule FedEx gave me.)
    .-= bluepaintred´s last blog ..SotD: Wednesday, June 2 =-.

  2. What has amazed me most about using my iPad is how much I prefer the large screen touch interface over every other method of computer interaction. I’ve seen those HP touch-screen computers at stores over the years, but every time I tried to use one I just didn’t see the point. It seemed very gimmicky to control the Windows mouse by touching the screen.

    The iPad is a different story altogether and has become my preferred device for reading my email or browsing the web — pretty much anything that doesn’t require extensive typing.
    .-= Ren´s last blog ..Macro Monday #64 =-.

  3. ren – i’ve really enjoyed typing on the ipad – I’ve done up a couple longish blog posts, as well as many many emails. my only issue is that I keep hitting return becuase on the ipad, the return is where the backspace button was!
    .-= bluepaintred´s last blog ..SotD: Wednesday, June 2 =-.

  4. @Sarah: I swear it’s true. I’m also stalked by a Karen Sugarpants’ clone, and walking up to her saying “Sugarpants?” didn’t go over that well. 😉

    @BluePaintRed: Wow, there is really an App for everything. 🙂

    @Ren: I think it’s a success with LovelyWife too. I didn’t play much with the iPad at this point – it’s never free – but I suspect I’d stick with my trusted laptop. For now.

    @BluePaintRed: I giggle everytime I see that they drew that little 3D thing on the F and J keys. 😉

  5. We played with an iPad for a while in our local Apple Store. After a wiped the drool off my chin, I said that it would make total sense for us to get one. So time will tell. The next bloody iPhone comes out soon though and I’m sure that will go on the list. So many many gadgets.
    .-= Kevin Spencer´s last blog ..USA! No, Wait, England! =-.

  6. The folks up at the comic book store bought an iPad and let me play with it. It felt a lot more solid than I expected. The screen was great… which is what I expected from Apple.

  7. bluepaintred – Typing on it is certainly nicer than any mobile keyboard I’ve ever used, and I don’t really mind typing a lot on it. But if there’s a physical keyboard nearby I’d rather use it so that I can touch-type. I’ve had several people be impressed by how quickly I can type on the iPad (landscape), but I’m several times faster on a real keyboard.
    .-= Ren´s last blog ..Macro Monday #64 =-.

  8. I’ve really embraced my iPad in the 2 months I’ve had it. It’s become an integral part of my day. Checking email, twittering, drawing (using Paperdesk), taking notes (using Evernote and Simplenote) and working on a blogging solution. Media viewing via ABC and CBS and Netflix. It’s really been a great device for all of these things.

    Hoping the second gen comes out soon so you can have your own iPad.
    .-= martymankins´s last blog ..Profiling =-.

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