I had a dream

I dont think Im normal.
I know you feel the same.
I know you feel the same about me.

And Dream Doctor out there to tell me what this means?

Im in Moores (the store, not the actor who played the Saint) trying on earth color shirts.

All night long.
All night.

In other news, I’m Sheldon.

This guy is sitting in my spot.

Blogged from my iPhone while riding the bus.

Edited to fix the picture issue.



  1. The dude sitting in your spot… isn’t that Booger from Revenge of the Nerds?

    BTW, I admired the “The Saint” reference. I’ve got a bunch of Leslie Charteris (I refuse to verify the spelling of that) books on my Palm… and I remember checking out the same books from our local library when I was about 10. The other day I finished a book by George Saunders who used to play The Saint either on the radio or in early movies (and I refuse to do any Googling to check which). And, of course, I was a big fan of The Saint with Roger Moore. (It’s a shame he was in such poor Bond movies.)

    I can’t help you with your dream, but several weeks ago I dreamed I was hanging out with three other guys. One of them was Gene Simmons, sans faire en haute. (I thought you could us some dodgy French to brighten your Jour de Thor.)

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