Machine Gun

I have not posted anything really significant in the last two months, and you’re getting bullets. Lots of them.  Covering the last two months. Seriously. Enjoy!

Real-Life Birthdays I missed:

  • My Dad had a birthday, and I didn’t do any funny or easy post. Sorry Dad – I still love you.
  • My Brother (@mightyBEN) also had a birthday, and I didn’t do anything at all. Well, I did get him a Mighty Mugg Iron Man Mark VI thingy, so that totally makes up for it.
  • I had a birthday, and didn’t post about it here. But you guys made my day on Twitter and Facebook. Snif.
  • I’m sure I missed a lot of on-line Birthdays too… I’m sorry. 😦

Things I have done / not done in the last two months that are blog-worthy but that I didn’t blog about:

  • I was invited to many beers and I didn’t go. Damn.
  • I took a second wine-tasting class. Remember when I tried to blog about the first one and then got a virus on the computer? Good times.
  • I got a Nexus Card, so I can now cross the border without standing in line for hours. Okay, minutes but still. By the way, I look like a giant on that picture.
  • I thought about going to blog out lout and didn’t go. It was right in my backyard. Well, figuratively.
  • I went to Orlando for a conference.
  • While in Orlando for said conference, I was upgraded to a Royal Suite at no extra cost. Awesome!
  • Renewed my Costco membership.
  • I went on Sparks Street for the annual Ottawa RibFest. Yum!
  • Drove CutieDaughter to cheerleading camp.
  • Bought myself a new Canon EOS Rebel XSi, and took a lot of pictures.
  • Took the Zadorables to Aventures Laflèche.
  • Changed the layout of this blog, and went back to the original. Many times. That explains the messed-up sidebar on the right.

People I met in the last two months that I didn’t tell you about:

Things I’m doing now that may or may not be blog-worthy:

  • I’m on vacation! I’ve been off work for seven days and I only had to reply to 6 emails and have one phone conversation at this point. I say this is not bad, but let’s see if I can make that even better.

So there you have it.

What have you been up to in the last two months?



  1. Built a house, try Twitter…still not sure, i’m in Florida and your in Canada :-(, got a couple new mightymuggs. Didn’t tell you that I love you…like a brother, not like gay love!

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