This is pretty much what a client showed me yesterday to explain the project he wanted me to do for him.


I’m not kidding.



  1. Magic costs extra. It also requires that the customer supply the Fairie Dust*.

    * Other forms of magic powder may be substituted, but their acceptability is at the descretion of the developer/engineer/magician.

  2. @Patrek: Wery wise.

    @Finn: Damn, I thought it was just me!

    @Ren: The funniest thing about your comment: LovelyWife said the exact same thing.

    @Sheila: I’m running low on glitter. Send some?

    @Sybil Law: Who said there was a problem? 🙂

  3. Well, if anyone can produce magic, you can. Or do we all need to clap our hands like we do with Tinker Bell to make your magic happen? Heh. When I hear “magic happens” I think of Cribs on MTV when they talk about their bedrooms. I’ve gotten off point haven’t I?

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