I see death as a sort of ever-changing blob of goo that moves slowly down my family tree.

This is my family tree. Well, just my side of the family.

All my grand-parents are dead. For years now, Death has been hovering just above my parent’s level. Like this.

As soon as Death claims someone at a lower level, each Zone shifts down, and the reaction of people learning about a person’s death change accordingly. For example, if one of my kids was to die today, it would be tragic. If I was to die today, it would be unexpected.

So my mom’s in the hospital. As you’re reading this she is under the knife for a second angioplasty following her second, third and fourth heart attack in the last six months. Death is slowly creeping it’s way down. I don’t want Death to shift down.

Not because I’m afraid to be Next in line. Because I don’t want my kids to get to the Unexpected zone just yet.



  1. I hope your Mom gets better soon. I’ve been facing my own mother’s health crises this year, and she just had her spleen out two weeks ago. The near-death factor scared the hell out of me. She’s home now, thankfully, but I totally get your “family tree.” I’m there, too.

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