Ticket to Ride

Everyone remembers this post, right?

Oh wait. I just looked and only TWO of you commented on that brilliant post. What gives? I’ll give you a minute to read the other post, comment and come back here.

All right, moving along.

Yesterday was CutieDaughter’s first full day of school. LovelyWife dropped her at school in the morning – that backpack was so heavy I almost couldn’t lift it! – and she was to take the bus to get back home at night.

The bus ride is very short. Provided you don’t forget to get off the bus at some point.

Click to embiggify
  • Green is CutieDaughter school
  • Red is our house.
  • Pink is where she got off.

This one shows the bus route.

Click to embiggify
  • Green is CutieDaughter school
  • Red is our house.
  • Pink is where she got off.

Now if there was ever a doubt that CutieDaughter is LovelyWife’s blood…



  1. In my defense, that post was written eleven days before I met you.

    So did you go rescue your baby girl or did you laugh at her and let her find her own way home?

  2. @Sheila: What kind of defense is that? 😉 We didn’t have to rescue her, a controller drove her home and she got there as we were getting there.

    @Finn: Well, when the bus drove near our house, CutieDaughter remembered getting on the bus from the other side of the road. So she figured the bus was going to eventually turn around and drop her at the exact spot she got on in the morning. Seriously.

  3. No idea why I never read the original post before. Maybe your feed was broken! 😛

    I read an article recently about children’s backpacks and how NOT to break your child’s back. I think what you’re describing is the kind that breaks her back… It’s so sad to me that schools don’t just give the kids an e-reader and have all their books on there. Would save a lot of growth problems and chiropractor visits. (I was gonna say co-pays, but you live in the land of free healthcare, so that didn’t quite work.)

    I’m guessing CutieDaughter won’t make that mistake again. 🙂

  4. @Poppy: Well, if she’s truly her mom’s daughter, odds are she’ll do it again. And again. And again. And… Again. 😉

  5. When I volunteered for the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta, I rode the MARTA train from the station nearest my house (in north Atlanta) to the airport (south Atlanta). One day, I fell asleep on the way back from the airport welcome center. During the Olympics, if you wanted to ride the MARTA line north, you had to get off where the line split between north and northeast. It was stupid. Anyway, I fell asleep and ended up at the end of the northeast line. I had to get off the train, get on a southbound train, ride to Lindbergh station, get off, and get on a northbound (not northeastbound) train. Yeah. Two hours later, I was home. Pissed, but home.

    I feel your wife’s and daughter’s pain.

  6. My wife once asked, “Why are we going north if your parents live south?” While I had a pretty good answer — and one I believed with all my heart — the truth, more simply, was… to add 45 minutes to our drive.

  7. @Delmer: Well, who doesn’t like driving around aimlessly anyways? 😉

    @Sybil Law: She was. But she’s okay now. It was a learning experience. For everyone. 😉

    @Kevin: I know, it’s insane. They’re making CutieDaughter carry a dictionary around too.

    @Dave2: I’m still chuckling at the first one. 🙂

  8. Yikes. She is your daughter too, but apparently your directionally-aware genes didn’t beat out LW’s directionally-challenged ones. Perhaps there’s an evolutionary advantage?

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