My TV scorecard

I debated doing this in one entry vs the Monday shows on Monday, etc. I decided to put everything in one Big entry. Sorry if this is too long. 🙂

A : Watching (live or on theDVR)
These shows are recorded every week, even if I watch them live I will sometimes re-watch them during the week.

How I met your Mother, Rules of Engagement, Two and a Half Men, Hawaii Five-0, The Event, No Ordinary Family, Glee, Running Wilde (might be cancelled soon), Parenthood, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Big Bang Theory, The Office.

B : Watching when I get the chance
Some of these are recorded and either watched when I can’t sleep, or just erased automatically after a week regardless if I’ve watched them or not. Others are just watched when it’s on and I happen to be in front of the TV doing nothing else.

Castle, The Middle, Lie to Me, Hell’s Kitchen, The Apprentice, 30 Rock.

C: Watching, but under probation
Nothing! I’ve made my mind up about all the shows that were here. 🙂

C- : Watching by proxy

LovelyWife watches, and we only have one TV.


D:  Not watching, but might give it a try
The premises of these shows do not appeal to me.

Smallville, Supernatural, Lone Star (cancelled), Chase, Undercovers, Community, Blue Bloods, Outlaw (cancelled).

E+ : Dropped after (X) episodes
I tried. I couldn’t. I dropped.

Raising Hope (1.5), $#*! My Dad Says (3), Outsourced (2), Mike & Molly (3).

E : Never watched, not watching
Will most likely never watch unless tortured1

Dancing with the stars, Gossip Girl, Detroit 1-8-7, NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, The Good Wife, One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected, Better With You, The Whole Truth, Criminal Minds, The Defenders, America’s Next Top Model, Hellcats, Law & Order SVU, Law & Order Los Angeles, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, CSI, Secret Milionaire, Body of Proof, 20/20, Medium, CSI New-York, Good Guys, School Pride, Dateline NBC, My Generation, Nikita.

E- : Shows that start with “H” and end in “ouse”
I hope there’s a special kind of Hell for this show


Various grades: Watched in the past (past season), not watching anymore
Either because of time constraints, or by failure of hooking me for the long run.

Vampire Diaries, Survivor, Chuck, Biggest Loser, The Mentalist, Fringe, Human Target.

  1. *For the purposes of this blog post, 25 of you telling me “you abso-fuckin-lutely have to watch this show!” is considered torture.
  2. ** Please note that even torture3 can’t make me watch House.
  3. ***And this time I really mean torture.


  1. Your A list looks a lot like ours except we never watch The Event or Parenthood and No Ordinary Family is teetering on the same precipice as Running Wilde.

    We quit Raising Hope after one episode. Just wasn’t funny to us at all. Grey’s and Private Practice are ones that we still watch but cannot explain at all. And we do religiously watch Castle, NCIS, NCIS: LA, and The Good Wife. We had TiVo’d all the episodes of Outlaw and were going to watch it until we heard it was canceled so we just deleted them. Saved us four hours.

  2. @Dave2: I know Raising Hope is your favorite. I had high hopes for that show after you blogged about it, but was really disappointed with it. 😦

    @Kapgar: I think we watch too much TV anyways. 😉 I should go outside and run a marathon or something.

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t care for Raising Hope. I tried, I really tried, but it felt too much like a retreat of Malcolm in the Middle, which I loved.

    I adore Parenthood, but haven’t watched this season because Sons of Anarchy is on on FX. The good new there is that I will have something to watch when everything’s reruns!

    No, I don’t have a DVR or TiVo. If I watch, I watch. If not, I was probably actually doing something. 🙂

    1. @Finn: Actually doing something is the best reason not to watch TV. You know that every new TV season I think about getting rid of cable…

  4. My daughter loves Raising Hope, but I’ve not seen it yet. Have all 3 of the episodes queued up on Hulu.

    From your A list, Big Bang Theory and Rules of Engagement are the two I don’t miss.

    I also still have a thing for Family Guy and American Dad on Sunday nights.

    No DVR in my house. One of these days.

  5. “Community” is well worth the watch. And “Good Guys” is pretty good.

    This year I’ve dropped Desperate Housewives (well, I dropped it last year, I guess). I don’t have time for Chuck… or the NCIS’s I used to watch. Or most of anything else that isn’t a 1/2 hour comedy.

  6. I believe, but not entirely sure- I would have to check my DVR, the only new show I picked up this season is The Defenders on CBS.

    And I wanted to let you know that I’m stealing this idea and your meme thingy from the other day. I hope you don’t mind 🙂

  7. I don’t know if it’s not included here because it’s not coming back until next summer but if you aren’t watching Breaking Bad you NEED to. Geez, must I get this tattooed on me?

  8. @MartyMankins: We’re actually thinking about getting a second DVR. might go for AppleTV instead. 😉

    @Delmer: I do the same thing! I go through the DVR, and if it’s an hour-long show odds are not great that I will watch… Too much TV for me.

    @Janelle: Steal away! And “the Defenders”? Really? That didn’t look good at all to me. Is it good?

    @Robin: I went to and copy-pasted the list of shows that were there… Also, I don’t get AMC. 😦

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