To the left!


I drew this awesome rendition on my iPad.

I dreamt that in an alternate reality, instead of having the argument “Does the toilet paper need to roll out from the front or the back of the holder?”, people would argue about the toilet paper roll unrolling from the right or the left.

Then I tried to publish this from my iPad with the WordPress App, and ended up deleting a bunch of posts, and basically screwed a whole bunch of settings. Who knew you couldn’t schedule posts from the iPad? That just seems weird. Anyone had any success with the WordPress App for iPad? I’m reading some reviews online and it seems to be borked.



  1. I have a toilet paper gizmo like that. It holds 5 or 6 rolls on end … sort of like a plunger would except it’s stainless steel.

    I’m going to try to make a blog post from an Android later this week. If all my posts suddenly disappear you’ll know I was almost successful.

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