This is my very own version of Blissdom Canada people.


  1. @B.E. Earl: I promise you it was a new bottle at some point. 😉 I’m also trying to make room in my bar, as the SAQ (Quebec liquor store) has a 15% discount on spirits this week-end. I have my eye on an 18yo Macallan…

    @Sybil Law: It would only be better if I could share it… 🙂

    @BlondeFabulous: I’m sort of an idiot, as I thought Celiac’s was a brand of whiskey. :-/ I’m sorry you get to miss whiskey, I promise I’ll have a nip for you. Or two. 😉

  2. A little case of overdosing (ahem) when I was younger now means that the very smell of whiskey turns my stomach. Still. To this very day. Oh well, what I don’t drink in Whiskey I make up for in Newcastle Brown Ale and Pinot Grigio vino. It’s all good.

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