MEMovember (day 16)

If you remember from a recent post, every day in November, I’ll post a picture of my growing moustache, and I’ll also do this 30-day meme (included in the original post) that I’m stealing from Sarah. So without further ado:

Day 16- Another picture of yourself

It’s a moustache! Who knew I had it in me! 😉

Ok, after posting I felt like previous picture was crap, so I took another one.

Tomorrow: Day 17 – Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why.

Join “The Movemberists”, it’s easy and it’s fun!



    1. I’ve been saying I need a nose hair trimmer for a bit now. Whenever something sticks out, I pluck it. Also, I have hair that grown ON my ear, not IN my ears. I’m planning a blog post on that after this 30 day thing.

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