MEMovember (day 25)

If you remember from a recent post, every day in November, I’ll post a picture of my growing moustache, and I’ll also do this 30-day meme (included in the original post) that I’m stealing from Sarah. So without further ado:

If you leave your glasses in my office, I’ll use them as a prop.

Day 25 – What I would find in your bag

As of this morning you’ll find in my backpack: iPad, Malt Whisky Yearbook 2011, The rough guide to Scottish Highlands & Islands, School pictures of CutieDaughter, Hairbrush, Tylenol, a facecloth, travel-size spool of dental floss, Starbucks sleeve with the drink I never remember how to order written on it: “Starbucks double shots 3 pumps White Mocha”.

Tomorrow: Day 26 – What you think about your friends

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    1. Well, on Monday I stayed home because I was feverish, had the chills, and was really sweaty. So on Tuesday morning, I brougfht a facecloth with me to wipe the sweat from my face on the bus (I didn’t want to be the sweaty guy on the bus) and wash my face once I got to work.

      The glasses are my friend Pascal’s. He forgot them in my office. 🙂

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