Month: December 2010

Almost like this blog…

Maybe a little closer?

That’s why I make sure to only eat 65% of the content.


For those of you who were wondering what happened at my workplace last Thursday, I give you:

Last Thursday’s Dilbert.

My douchey skill

A few days ago, my friend Avitable took a man test.

The test is a series of fifty skills that a man should possess in order to call himself a man. Well, not all of them, there’s some sort of math to be applied to your results.


The skill at number thirty-nine is: Choose a scotch/whiskey.

Here’s what Adam wrote about this skill:

I don’t drink either, and I think that choosing a good bottle of wine would be a much less douchey skill.

I was a little surprised. I couldn’t believe that someone would spell Scotch and Whisky like that.

Ok, that’s douchey, but it has nothing to do with choosing a Scotch, right? 😉

Here’s what I replied:

One day, we’ll duel over this.

So, here’s how I would choose a Scotch:

I’ll have this one please.

I’ve been trying to make that sound douchey, and I really can’t find a way to do that. Maybe if I get a top hat, some sort of shirt with lace cuffs and quite possibly a monocle? Then I could say:

Excuse me my good man, I would like to give you some money in exchange for a Dram of that delicious Scotch – in a clean glass.

Yeah, that sounds a little douchey. But is there really someone who does that? Except Avitable I mean. 😉