Stitches begone!

This morning was my one week follow-up to my gum graft.

They took out the stitches and the biological glue that was left. Once again, the whole thing was pretty much painless and done in ten minutes without any anesthesia. The dentist was very pleased with the results, she even went “Wow!”. I still have to avoid biting into a carrot for a few weeks, but I’ll be able to use this part of my mouth to chew soft-ish foods in three days. I should be fully healed in about three weeks. All and all, it wasn’t bad at all.

I’m really glad to go back on semi-solid foods soon. This soup and Advil diet had me peeing at all hours of the day and night and that was really the only annoying thing about the procedure.

I was really curious to see what the results looked like, and I must admit I’m fairly impressed myself. I don’t think I ever had that much gum on those teeth. Let me show you with the help of the fake teeth to the left:

On top, normal gum line.

In the middle, an artist rendering of what my gum line looked like.

On the bottom, what my gum line looks like today.

And now the fun part: I get to do it all over again – for the other side – on January 27th.

Oh I almost forgot.

Warning: If you’re @Bubblewench‘s husband, you should stop reading right here.

One of the reasons my gum line is receding is because I have a very muscular jaw and chin area. Hey stop laughing, the Dentist told me. So in order to avoid this problem in the future, or to minimize the chance of this ever happening again, the Dentist also disconnected some of the muscular tissue connecting my gums and lips. I’m not exactly sure how to describe this, but there’s a point in you mouth where the inside of your mouth, kinda like inside your bottom lip,  becomes your bottom gum.


Right where that red arrow is pointing.

Of course, “disconnecting some of the muscular tissue” is really just a fancy way of saying “slicing the inside of your mouth open”. That was/is by far the worst part of the procedure.

So there you have it. I survived, and I got something done that pretty much nobody will ever notice. But it wasn’t that big of a deal, and it’ll make me keep my teeth a while longer.



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