What’s in a name (or a tagline)?

A few days ago, I made some minor style changes to this blog.

One of the biggest changes I made was to the tagline, going from “May you find what you’re looking for” to “Cruel but Hilarious”. I even made a new banner.

The response from the blogging community was awesome. The general consensus was that the new tagline was not really me. I agree.

Using the power of e-mail, I contacted many friends and asked about potentially better taglines:

You’ve all been nice enough to comment on the new design and/or tagline. Thank you. I agree with some of you that the tagline needs some work. I really like the “Cruel but hilarious” comment that Sybil Law made, but you’re right that it’s not really me.

1) Use a previous tagline. Those include:

  • Canadia’s Favorite Blogger
  • Canadia’s Blogger
  • Canada’s Blogger
  • [Evil Genius]
  • May you find what you’re looking for
  • No more mister nice guy

2) Use a new tagline

  • I take comfort in the knowledge that your obituary will be nowhere near as humorous as mine. (been using this for years as my sig file on GMail)
  • If I’m going crazy, I’m taking you with me.
  • I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity. (Love this Edgar Allan Poe quote)
  • Lost in thought (unfamiliar territory).

What say you? Anything you like? Any ideas you’d like to share?

Once again, the response was great. Once  the dust settled and all the votes were tabulated, the clear winner was “Canadia’s favorite Blogger”. So I made this new banner:

(I’m putting it here in case you’re reading this through a feedreader)

So here you have it, I’m back to my original post Avitaween 2009 tagline. 😉 So tell me what you think*.

Oh. I also received interesting suggestions:

  • <Canada>Favorite Blogger</Canada>
  • 1. RUN 2. LAUGH 3. GOTO 1
  • </Mister Nice Guy>
  • [meh]
  • “Lesombre: The L Word that’s not Lesbians.”
  • Canadian Ninja
  • The Best of Web 2.Eh
  • O.C.G. (Original Canadian gangster)

And I think I might use those – and the original rejected taglines – as post titles soon…

* The use of “Canadia’s Favo(u)rite Blogger” in no way implies that other Canadian Bloggers are not also awesome and favorite in their own way.


  1. LOVE the “u” with the carat and the maple leaves in the background. Very nice touch.

    And for those of us who read primarily in a feed reader, thank you for double posting the banner just for us. Makes it nice. Especially when, even after clicking through on our phones, we only see the mobile version of your site.

  2. I’ll admit, I *did* want the Poe quote but seeing this…I like it better!!!

    Also; you are far better at making headers than me. AND THAT RHYMED. I’m on FIRE today!

    {did I spell “rhymed” wrong? Sure looks like it. Excuse me, need more coffee…}

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