Snowpocalypse 2011

Hey, Remember when I designed t-shirts on Zazzle?

Admit it, you hate snow as much as I do. Odds are you’re probably as big a geek as I am. Combine your hate of snow and your love of html in one t-shirt.

Good times!



    1. LOL!

      Well, you know when I’m 60, I’ll still look really young because of all that cold weather we have here. You? You’ll probably be old and leathery from all those UV rays. 😉

      Meh, who am I kidding. I’ll never make it to 60. ;-P

    1. Oh I’m sooooo not complaining. February and it’s our first real snowstorm? I can live with that. It’s like summer!

  1. Love the new header, the whole blog is gentlemanly.

    I have that shirt! But I’m too big for it at the moment. And have no plans to be slimmer. We’re gonna need a bigger shirt…

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