Call me William F. Barry – Or not.

Many years ago, I did something a little dumb and a lot funny at my workplace. I put my picture in a mosaic depicting past winners of “teacher of the year” awards. I did blog about it at the time, but apparently I lost this article in the move from Joomla to WordPress for my blogging engine.

The gist of the idea was that I didn’t replace the picture of the Professor, I simply added one of my picture to a plaque where no picture was present. A blank plaque, with just the name and the year.

It took a little while, but people noticed after a few weeks. The picture stayed up for a whole year. It was removed when we moved from our original office space to the temporary space, two years ago.

This is the picture I used at the time:

I made it black and white – like the other award winners – and just stuck it up there.

Well today while walking back from lunch, I walked past the Faculty of Education’s version of the same mosaic. Guess who’s picture they had there!

I never thought the original would be funnier than what I had done. 😉

Made my day.



  1. I think you should re-take your photo in the same pose. Then re-post it on top of his picture, at least for April Fool’s Day.

    Do you guys celebrate that holiday?

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