I have a good 10 inches in the front

I know that this sounds fantastic to some of you, but it’s really a burden when you have to live with this.

I’m talking about snow, of course.

Yesterday we got the (thankfully!) last snow storm of February. The main problem with a “spring” snowstorm is that the snow starts to melt as it’s falling, so we literally get masssive clumps of wet, heavy snow.

It’s perfect for building snowmen, not so awesome for shoveling.

Now if you’ll excuse me while I go have a heart attack. 😉





    1. If I move to the Burgh, would I have to cheer for the Pens? Because that would seriously lessen my enthusiasm… Kidding, having drinks with you would trump all of that. 😉

  1. You’re crying about ten inches? Ten inches ain’t nothin’ man!

    I thought you Canadians were supposed to be tough….or maybe it was Russians….if so, please ignore the heckling above.

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