A Snowman for Sybil

Dear Sybil,

I couldn’t bring myself to post find a picture of a well-endowed snowman.

So instead I gave you a picture of a rich snowman. Same thing, right? 😉



  1. So… do you call that thing the Avboninable Snowman?

    Our snow is finally gone. Again. We’ve had several false starts at something approaching spring.

    The other night we had a bit of hail (which raised the hopes of the younger Canadian children that school might be cancelled) followed by some serious — and I mean traffic stopping — rain (again… there was some hope school would be canceled by the youngsters not familiar with Ohio weather.)

  2. Ha! 😀
    Exactly HOW rich is this snowman? Aww, who cares – make sure I’m in the will and he has great life insurance – when spring comes, I can buy Dave Grohl. Ha!

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