When it comes to food, I’m pretty much a quality over quantity guy. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy large quantities of good quality food on occasion. But if given a choice between a five pound poutine from Smoke’s Poutinerie and a 12oz steak from DelMonico Steakhouse in Vegas, the steak will always win.

Unless it’s late and I’m fairly drunk. But I digress. This post is about meat.

I don’t eat McDonald’s. I last time I had some McDonald’s was on September 28 2004 – 6 years, 5 months, 8 days ago. It was all because of Morgan Spurlock and this:

Remember this? Well, it put me off fries for a while, and off McDonald’s for good.

I told you this post is about meat. A few weeks ago, a Facebook friend shared a link to this video:

It’s over ten minutes long, and it’s in French. But you have to see this. This guy will show you how to take old spoiled meat and repackage it as new meat. A practice – he says – that’s fairly common in various grocery stores. It’s disgusting.

Of course, it might be all false, might be the guy’s imagination. He might be a disgruntled employee trying to get back at the store who fired him.

But would you take that chance?

I now buy all my meat from an actual butcher – a place where the butcher cuts the meat right in front of me. Because the alternative would be to go off meat, and that’s just crazy.



    1. Ugh indeed. I can’t imagine quitting meat, but then again I’m highly repulsed by those stories. What is a boy to do…

  1. I don’t eat McDonald’s because I always feel terrible after eating it – tired, sluggish and just generally crappy.

    Also, sometimes they have a TON of pepper on the meat patty, which, coincidentally (or possibly ironically, I can’t decide which) I cannot eat because it reminds me of the fact that one of pepper’s original uses was to cover the taste and smell of spoiled meat.

    ALSO, I have a severe allergy to paying $5 for a burger that may or may not taste good, will probably have onions on it even though I asked for no onions and has a sixty percent chance of being cold.

    I don’t have this issue with any other fast food place…just McDonald’s.

    1. I totally agree with you. So no McDonald’s is a great choice, right? Then again, we don’t have all those fancy burger joints in Canada. I liked “Five Guys Burgers” when I went to Orlando… ;-P

  2. Also, I’ve never seen Super Size Me because I think the entire premise behind it is absolutely ridiculous. The only person I know who eats out constantly like that is Adam. Maybe that’s not the best example…..


    Of course (!!!!) you’re going to get sick and fat and gross and unhealthy if you eat out like that all the time. It’s not Ronald McDonald’s fault you can’t help but super size your meal. It’s called “Personal Accountability”…..

    ::jumps off of my soapbox::

    PS : My kids ate chicken nuggets for dinner three days in a row over the weekend. #hypocrite
    PPS : In my defense, twice they were from Chik Fil A which are at least real chicken.

    1. In the movie, he only “supersizes” the meal if the cashier asks him. I think it happens 5-7 times in the whole month. In Canada, McDonald’s nuggets are real chicken (it’s a law). They are still oily and greasy.

  3. I remember there being an expose about meat being repackaged back when I was a kid. I think grocery stores here are a little more careful about that now.

    I don’t really eat fast food anymore, except for the occasional Chick Fil-A trip, but it’s not because of that fucking idiot Morgan Spurlock. Of course if you eat nothing healthy for a month, you’re going to gain weight and hurt your health. Another guy ate nothing but McDonald’s for the same period of time and lost weight and improved his health because of his food choices. It just shows that Spurlock is a piece of shit sensationalist.

    I don’t eat fast food mainly because I prefer to go to restaurants. I cook at home maybe once a month.

    1. You say “careful”, I hear “Make sure they don’t get caught”.

      I think at the time Super Size Me was produced, McDonald’s ads were saying that you could eat their value meals and stay healthy (I may be wrong). They since came out with many “better” options, but like you I’d rather spend money on good restaurants.

  4. I admit to liking a few items at McDonald’s – fruit and yogurt parfait being one.

    And I succumb to the Big Mac every 6 months, vowing never to eat one again, only to have a repeat 180 days later.

    1. I used to do the exact same thing with KFC. I’d eat it about once every other year, and swore I’d never eat it again… until next time. It’s been almost 10 years now since I completely quit KFC. Whew.

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