If you follow me on the twitter, the facebook, the flickr and/or the foursquare, you already know that I spent the week end in Montreal.

The main purpose of this visit was to go eat at the famous Le Garde-Manger, Chuck Hughes restaurant.

The picture doesn’t do justice to the decor. The restaurant is small, with wood and brick walls. There is only one window table, and that’s where we were seated. The whole place feels very warm and cozy.

The food is awesome, but somewhat on the pricey side – total bill for four adults, including wine, taxes and gratuity came to 515.00$ – but we mainly went there for the experience of eating at this famous place.

Between the four of us, we tasted the lobster poutine, the bacon octopus and jerk crab for appetizers, and for the main we had the flank steak with fries, duck with foie gras, crusted bass with an awesome smoked tomato salad and the giant shrimp risotto. Dessert – yes, we had dessert – was the rocky road brownie, the fried mars bar and the caramelized banana. All very good.

We also had a few drinks, the drink of the day was something delicious made with vodka, Grand Marnier, Tequila (possibly something else too) and freshly squeezed orange juice You can almost see the drink in the right of the picture, or what’s left of it. 😉 The wine list is pretty good, and we had the Chianti pictured above.

All and all an awesome night.

Also, it was SUPERMOON that night, but that didn’t do anything special for us.




    1. It was all yummy! We tried to grab different things (so we could sample many plates) but the overall theme is “seafood”.

  1. J’ai mangé à la même table 🙂 Sensiblement les mêmes plats.

    Quand tu viens à MTL. Tu peux me téléphoner, je suis seulement à vingt minutes.

    As-tu mangé la barre Mars?

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