Weirdest phone call ever


– LeSombre, Good morning!


– Hi. I’ve been given your name.

– Ok, what can I do for you?

– I need help.

– How can I help you today?

– Somebody told me you could help me.

– Of course. How can I help you?

– I need help.

(Client is speaking to someone else while covering the mouthpiece)

– Who gave you my name?

– I would like to speak to someone who is willing to help me.

– …

– [Client gives me the person’s name]

– Okay. What can I do for you?

– [Person] gave me a bunch of documents.

– …

– I don’t understand what to do with them.

– …

– I’ve been hired yesterday.

– Do you know where our lab is? You can come in anytime you want and a technician will help you and answer all your questions.

– No, I don’t know.

– We’re in MacDonald Hall, 3rd floor, room 328.

– That is fairly vague.

– Excuse me?

(client starts yelling)


– …



Seriously, WTF?

Disclaimer: This didn’t happen today. I was just going through old emails and found this gem.



  1. Next time you need to specify: which college, the city in which it’s located, the province, the country, the continent, the hemisphere and the planet.

    Silly boy.

  2. While your exchange is funnier and a bit more painful… this is almost similar.

    I had someone call me for help with an error message. At one point I said, “Click the ‘OK’ button on the screen.” They said they didn’t have an ‘OK’ button and I then asked, “Does it say ‘Press OK to continue?” They said it did, and I replied, “Right under the ‘n’ in continue there should be an OK button.” They said there wasn’t. I slogged up to their floor … and clicked the ‘OK’ button which was under the ‘n’ in continue.

    This was more than 10 years ago.

    1. Hahahahahaha! I think yours is funnier. But to be honest, we all know someone who can’t see “OK” buttons, right? 😉

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