Day: May 10, 2011

What happened on January 14, 2011?

How many hits per day do you get on your blog?” is by far the question I get asked the most when people (all kinds of people) learn that I have a blog.

I honestly don’t know.” is the answer I gave 100% of the time.

I guess I’m not obsessed with numbers – ha! That’s a first; me not obsessed with something – as much as other people. I don’t measure my “success” as a blogger by some mathematical equation *cough* Klout *cough* or by some complex and colorful graphs automatically generated.

I measure my success by the amount of parenthesis, asterisks, semi-colons, quotes and badly constructed sentences I can come up in a post with. And italics. don’t forget the italics.

Seriously, I think for me the best measure of success is the number of comments I get on any given post. I don’t even need hundreds of comments to be happy, even just one comment makes my day. I like to interact with people. I’m a sucker for some good communication.

After being asked once more this morning about the amount of visitors I get in a day, I figured that any self respecting geek like me would be able to figure out how to get on the Google Analytics train, and finally be able to reply “Some random number” instead of “I honeslty don’t know.” when asked about my readership.

Note to self: I need to come up with some sort of a name for my readers, like Ferguson with his “Robot Skeleton Army”, Glee with their “Gleeks” and Avitable with his “Fuckers”. I’m thinking I’ll call you “TheSombres” or maybe “Canadianans”, what do you think? Suggestions?

Toujours est-il que that Google Analytics thing? I already had set it up on this very blog. It’s like I’m doing geeky stuff in my sleep sometimes. Look:

Click to embiggify

What happened on January 14, 2011? I installed a new template, and promptly forgot to add the GA code to the new template. It’s either that, or you don’t love me anymore, so excuse me while I live in denial for a little while, because the alternative is too painful.

How many readers do I have?


Forever alone.