Scotland Recaplet

Hi guys!

I’m back. Had a blast in Scotland. I’m going through 1,737 pictures (1,522 of them are pictures of sheep) and will post a complete recap in a few days.






So… What did I miss?

You can read all the recaps by following these links:



    1. That’s not a sheep, it’s a picture of me on a boat. Erm… I just posted all teh pictures to Flickr. 😉

    1. I want pictures of that Parade. Or is that amongst the 404 blog posts I have in my reader? ;-P

      And of course you can have the cow picture for you office. 🙂

    1. ALL the pictures are now on Flickr – all of them, even the blurry ones. 😉 That cow is a “Highland Cow”, but it was on Islay. It was the first hairy cow we saw, hence the high number of pictures we have of the cow. 😉

  1. I had a blast when I went to Scotland a number of years back. Mind you, I only went to Edinburgh so didn’t venture out as far as you did. I’m looking forward to looking through your photos.

    1. Watch out for the ferry pictures: it feels like you’re actually on the ferry. I gotta start deleting some of them. 😉

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