Day: June 9, 2011

Scotland Recap – Part one

Flying in

Transport from home to airport almost uneventful. Almost, because we witnessed a car hit two pedestrians! The kids were crossing the street between stopped cars and never looked the right way. To top it off, they started yelling at the driver, and then just walked away. I think they were flying pretty high – even before being hit. We made it to the airport on time and even had the chance to enjoy the Maple Leaf lounge (More on that in the next paragraph).

Plane ride to London (Heathrow) uneventful. Left 30 minutes late, got there on time – damn winds! The fun began when we tried to access the Maple Leaf Lounge at Heathrow. Since we were landing at terminal 3, but flying out from terminal 1, we weren’t permitted to use the Maple Leaf Lounge located in terminal 3 – even though we were assured in Ottawa that our access was valid for each layover until we reached our final destination. That was 90$ out the window. We waited 6 hours un the general area. Oh well. Our friends landed 30 minutes after us and were permitted to use the Maple Leaf Lounge. They met us in the general area a couple of hours later. Everybody was tired and slightly cranky, so not much conversation was had.

Flight from Heathrow to Edinburgh was bumpy near arrival, because of strong winds – or what we thought at that time were strong winds! Waited for the luggage (everyone got theirs) and took a taxi to the B&B. Taxi driver recommended we drank Belhaven’s Best, and while in Pitlochry that we visit the “Creensvew” (Which turned out to be the “Queen’s view”).

Edinburgh, day one

Day one was really just a half day. Or was it? Even though  we landed in Edinburgh (pronounced more like “head-in-bra”) around 2PM, we still managed to climb a freakin’ volcano before the afternoon was over, thanks to LovelyWife.

the_volcanoLovelyWife convinced us to climb this. We climbed this.


Look how happy she is. We’re thinking about pushing her off the cliff. (Not really)

We then wondered for a little while around town, walking up the Royal Mile – which is about 1.12 mile when you factor in the conversion – and finally settled on The Beehive for our first real Pub experience. The food was okay, but I think the fact that we were kinda dead tired affected our appreciation a wee bit. 😉 We walked back to our B&B, and crashed for the night a few minutes before my BFF called to ask if I could go play outside with him, and we went for a few pints at the Cask & Barrel. 😉 First night in Scotland: success. (more…)