Day: June 10, 2011

Scotland Recap – Part deux

If you didn’t read part one, you probably should. To be quite honest, I’m pretty sure you can figure out what’s going on if you start here, but you’ll have to apply some suspension of disbelief and just accept that for no apparent reason I just woke up near Tarbert, Scotland, having breakfast out of fancy plates. Carry on.

You don’t want to read part one? A short recap is in order then. Here’s what you missed in part one;

On the plane ride in, both the pilot and co-pilot got strangely sick due to having shared a bad cocktail shrimp, so I actually had to land the plane at Edinburgh airport. I was greeted like a hero, and the whole city threw an impromptu parade. I hear many kids are now named LeSombre, and also a few candy stores. We spend three days living like Kings and eating dinosaur steaks, while the Scots rebuild a life-size replica of the Eiffel Tower (My French accent threw them off I think). We then teleported near Tarbert, where part two begins.

You wanna read part one now, don’t you?

Toujours est-il que …

The Pink Place

This was our first real B&B – meaning the first place where we were actually sleeping in a house not an 8 room building – and we didn’t really get to enjoy it after all that intense driving. We had a few drams in the living room, and quickly called it a night.

teaThis was our first brush with really elaborate dinnerware.

Next morning we had breakfast in the conservatory. It was all good, except for the toasts, who were cold – that seemed to be the norm – and slightly fuzzy – not the norm. We left for the 2 hour ferry ride. (more…)