Day: June 14, 2011

Scotland Recap – Part four

You can read parts one, deux, and three before moving on. Hopefully, this is the very last part, as I don’t want to turn this into the Wheel of Time. 🙂

Driving from Skye to Inverness

portree_portSaying goodbye to Portree. The hotels were crap, but the port was beautiful.

The drive from Skye to Inverness was pleasant, the landscapes are magnificent and the Scots, even though they drive like mad men, are very courteous drivers.

passing_placesOnly picture taken of a passing place. This is on a 60mph road.

Loch Ness Cruise

Of course, we couldn’t visit Scotland without doing something on or around Loch Ness. We decided to take a short hour cruise on the Loch, and it was very cool.

We’re on a boat, motherf*ckers!
Loch_Ness_Cruise2Great shot illustrating the weather in Scotland. Sunny where we are, raining in the background.
Urquhart_CastleThe cruise took us near Urquhart Castle.