And now, something a little more random…

After the plethora of recap posts, I thought I would do something a little different today. Sort of a “palate cleanser” if you will. A few random pictures.

Happy Birthday, Brother!

But first, the most important part of this post: Today is my brother’s birthday.

My crazy brother.

Whish him happy b-day in the comments! Come on! 😉 


They’re building a new tower right besides my new office on campus. A few weeks ago, they decided to close a sidewalk and posted this sign.

Sign telling us the sidewalk is closed.

Do you see it? No worries, I took a close-up shot.

Close-up of the sign.

Do you see it now? That’s right, the green line identifies the closed sidewalk, and the red line is the detour route. Easy to remember right? Red means go.

In a blink of an eye

It seems I have a natural talent for taking pictures of LovelyWife with her eyes closed.

Exhibit 5,297.

Exhibit 5,298.

Sometimes it’s even worst. Exhibit 5,299.

I’m just about to set the camera on “multiple shots” just to make sure I have at least one decent shot with her eyes open. 😉


I thought that I was not at all from Scottish heritage, but while in Scotland I’m pretty sure I found an old version of my personal crest.

But it seems that something went missing over the years. Let me fix that.
Tell me this is not totally my personal crest.


Did I ever mention that my Favorite Mother-In-Law (FMIL) is a really good painter? Well, she really is. Most of the art in my house is from her, and I absolutely adore what she paints. That’s why while we were in Scotland, I asked her to paint something to hang in my office. I only had one request: it had to be big. This is what she painted for me.

This really complements the rest of my office.
Close-up of the paintings.

Now my office feels like an actual office. I may start wearing a suit soon (Not really).


Everything reminds me that I’m not in Scotland anymore.

Wish I was there.


  1. Katie and I have a picture hanging up of us on the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a very windy day and we’re smiling despite being windswept. The kicker? We *both* have our eyes closed. 😉

  2. I get my kids all the time w/their eyes closed. I finally started telling them to close their eyes, and then open them wide when I count 3. It’s the only way I can get open eye photos of them.

    1. That’s why I try to take pictures of people when they’re mostly unaware that I’m taking their picture. Looks more natural, and there’s none of that “getting ready for a picture” stress. 😉

  3. My niece had to do a report on our family’s country of origin. She did a five page report on Scotland. Our family name is of Welsh origin. My brother is an idiot.

    Happy Birthday to your Crazy Brother!

    Also, I would just cut through the grass and say screw the detour. Initially I missed the point of your close up (the whole red/green thing) because all I could focus on was how long that detour was.

    I’m in love with FMIL based on those paintings alone, btw.

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