Ode to Secret Scotland



Dear Aurélia and Mike,

Just like pictures of Scotland can’t do justice to the magnificence of the actual landscape, words can’t do justice to the brilliance and sheer volume of work you put in your guide. The level of detail provided on each stopover sheet, in all the different itinerary options and on all the B&B features exceeded even my most crazy expectations.

This was by far the best investment I made when I started planning our trip to Scotland. The whole process of actually buying the guide was quick and painless – and that’s a great advantage for your service – but it’s the fact that the buying of the guide didn’t mean the end of our business relation that sets you apart from the competition.

We exchanged many emails over the course of nine months, me always asking more questions and you always answering and making adjustments to your recommendations. I think that over these nine months, we became a little more than a business relation, something I highly value from any company I deal with.

I wish there was a “Secret ________” for every country – that would make planning all my trips a breeze.

Many many thanks from a very satisfied dude.


Full Disclosure Statement: I was in no way paid, compensated, fed, treated to a limo ride and/or did not receive anything else that may be considered a form of payment to write this post. Secret-Scotland really is an awesome service, and I recommend them to anyone planning a trip to Scotland. Also note that I will not be paid, compensated, fed, treated to a limo ride and/or will receive any form of payment should you decide to do business with Secret-Scotland in the near or far future. I did ask that they name their new kid after me, but don’t worry they flatly refused.

You can read all the recaps by following these links:


  1. i love that you cared enough to write a positive note to a company. that says volumes about their service as most people just throw negative stuff out there.
    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, secret scotland!

    1. I did it for a few reasons: One, the service was awesome (they would use brilliant over there) and I truly believe spreading positive feedback is the least I could do. Two: I didn’t write the note to a company, but to Mike and Aurélia. 😉

  2. I love it when people I actually know can so highly recommend something that they found invaluable! Should I ever overcome my irrational fear of flying over large bodies of water, I will use Secret Scotland for planning my trip to the highlands!

    PS- Glad you had a good time!

    1. The Highlands are magnificent. I wouldn’t worry too much about the large body of water – they do call it “the pond” you know. How big can a pond be? ;-P

    1. Dear Earl,

      Thank you for linking to an article that has no ending! I mean seriously, I get all interested and then it ends on the “maybe I’ll investigate this further” line? I want to know more!

      (Thank you for the awesome article. I hope the author continues his research.)

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