1.19 – A tale of urban reality

I’m a fairly laid back dude, there’s not much that makes me completely lose my mind. But I think I’m finally about to lose it.

Let’s say you’re driving around, and you then realize that you’re running low on gas. Well, not you per say, but your car. You then spot a gas station and read this on their sign:

1.19 /l

Tell me, how much do you think you will pay at this very specific gas station for a liter of regular gas? If you answered 1.19$, you are WRONG. Let me give you a hint, in a form of a slightly different question: How much do you think you will pay for 10 liters of gas? What? 11.90$ you say? I’m sorry, you’re wrong again.

My receipt.

It turns out that the price of a liter of gas is actually 1.199$. Do you know what happens when you put exactly one liter of gas in your car? That’s right, you pay 1.20$. If you do the simple math, I should pay 58.11$ for 49.834 liters of gas, not 59.75$.

That’s 1.64$ difference. 

You think I’m crazy for flipping out about 1.64$? Is is really crazy? How about this:

A paper holder, because this is really crappy.

Assuming that all taxes are included, would you flip out if you get to the check out and were charged 26.00$ for this? How about this:

Socks, because we’re sock puppets.

Would you agree to pay 6.01$ for this? Why not? The more I think about this, the angrier I get. I mean, why are we just going along with this? It seems to me like the big gas companies are already making millions of dollars on our backs, and this is adding insult to injury.

Seriously, Is this even legal? 

Is this what we’re going for?

Because I can totally see myself with that haircut.



  1. Our stations down here have a tiny extra 9 at the end of the price signs, so a $3.39 advertised price actually looks like $3.399. I can deal with that. What I am currently being vociferous about is certain stations are advertising a cheaper price (ie-$3.299 instead of $3.399.) and in even tinier print it says “with car wash” next to it. If you don’t happen to see the miniscule print about the car wash, you pay the higher price, but the station can get away with it because they did have a sign advertising it displayed. Grrr…..

    1. I have less of an issue with the situation you describe. Of course, it still rubs me the wrong way that adding “with car wash” makes it legal, but at least the information is posted somewhere. :-/

  2. Same thing here at our stations: people forget that $3.699 really is practically $3.70. It’s precisely the reason my father has come up with a wonderful idea of raising the gas tax by 0.1 cents a gallon here in the states: It would increase tax revenue slightly, the price difference would be less noticeable (at least here in the states where a gallon is substantially larger than a litre), and it would force gas stations to push their prices to full cent amounts rather than scrape off a tenth of one penny.

    Then again — we have a couple of folks here who think we’re taxed too much anyway…

    1. I don’t mind being taxed, as long as it’s clear. I’m sure most people feel the same way. It’s not the tenth of a penny that irks me, it’s the lying about it. In comparison, Bell Canada just paid 10M$ in fines because they advertised a phone service for a price that was impossible to obtain. Why aren’t the gas companies subject to the same fine for lying?

  3. It’s irritating, to be sure, but it has always been this way and I’ve just gotten used to it. Don’t even understand why it’s that way. I wonder if anyone does?

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