We’ve always been avid TV watchers in our house.

Not my TV, but we have the same model.

Like most people of our generation*, we rarely just “watch TV”. Ever since laptops became part of our daily routine (and then iPods, Blackberries, iPhones and iPads) we can often be seen watching TV while surfing the Web, reading the news, playing a game.

*I don’t think it’s really a generation thing. When people talk about the raise of Digital Multitasking, they mostly talk about the Millennials (or Generation Y) or the Digital Natives (Generation Z), but I’m a Generation X myself and I’ve been “digitally multitasking” ever since I could get my hand on an electronic device. Anyways.

The evenings in our house are pretty relaxed. TV playing in the background, and us sitting on the couch with our iPads. This is the joy of a DVR, you can always rewind if you missed something important.

On Monday night, we were watching “Les Chefs”, a quebecer version of “Top Chef”, and LovelyWife would comment that we should cook this, and maybe we could put that on the menu for next week, and maybe we could cook a sabayon soon because it looked easy enough to do. Nothing too extraordinary here, I’m sure we all do this. For example, whenever I watch the DIY Network, I’m taken with this urge to tile something. Nothing wrong with that, right?

But then I started noticing that LovelyWife would make comments that were in line with the commercials shown. LovelyWife has always been “in tune” with advertisement, but she was taking it to a whole other level. And this is from a woman who would probably be buying every Snuggie, Baby Bullit, Magic Bullet,

A grocery store ad would come on, and she’ll say: “Maybe I could be a butcher as a second career?”

An RV ad would come on, and she’ll say: “Do you think we should rent an RV for our summer vacations?”

An ad for a deck sealer would come on, and she’ll say: “I wonder if the neighbor will repaint his fence this year?”

You might think that it’s a bad thing to be influenced by TV like that. I don’t. In fact I absolutely love that LovelyWife is influenced by what she sees on TV.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to add the playboy channel to my subscription package.



  1. We are still DVR free at our house (and only have a single TV).

    I remember when we had the C-Band 10 ft satellite dish and a subscription to Playboy and Spice. I could do the month to month deal.

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