Riddle me this

As  I recently discussed, I’m not one that looks at traffic, visitors and blog statistics that much.

But this morning, looking for some kind of inspiration to blog about – there’s only so much you may be interested to hear about my fantastic espresso machine or the excellent bagel I had for breakfast – I opened my WordPress dashboard and something caught my eye.

Web Ninja is cool, but takes a while to display.

I’m almost okay with the fact that my most viewed post is just a graphic that I borrowed from Threadless tees (Somebody put it on “StumbleUpon”). It’s been years now, and I can’t fight it. I’m actually thinking about putting ads on that specific post. 🙂

More than anything on this panel, it’s the “Top Searches” that trouble me the most. I keep reading these posts by other bloggers with all the funny things people Google to get to their blogs, and I hoped I could eventually do the same. What do you think? Of all the searches that bring people to this blog, the top two searches are:

“throat anatomy” and “anatomy of the throat”


Of course, I had to Google “throat anatomy” and “anatomy of the throat” to see where  my blog ranks when those terms are searched. My blog doesn’t appear in the first 8 pages of the Google results, for either of those terms.

So, if you’re one of the many people that get here after Googling something about throats, please let me know how you managed to get here. 🙂

The rest of you, what’s the weirdest thing people Google for to get to your blog?



  1. Throat anatomy makes perfect sense!
    Uh, kinda. 🙂
    Anyway, I gave up the google analytics a long time ago, so I have NO idea who, what, when or why people visit my blog.

  2. Mine keeps landing on a post from 3 years ago I wrote about how my chesticles have decided to grow during the decline of my child bearing cycle! So now, anyone who searches for “Boobs Inflating” ends up on my blog!

  3. The top search terms that bring people to my blog:

    1. okra snax (I am #2 in Google searches for this.)
    2. matthew broderick alan harper (Have you ever noticed the resemblance? I did and wrote a post about it.)
    3. Shiner spring ale (I tend to write a lot of beer review posts.)

    1. Just to let you know: you’re #1 in Google for “okra snax”. I guess the other okra snax website went belly up. 🙂

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