One of those DAD posts

You know what is really really hard?

Come on, get it out of your system… I can hear you say “that’s what she said” from here. 

What is really really hard is parenting other people’s kids. In fact, it’s not “really really hard”, it’s damn near impossible. Okay, it’s impossible. Parenting your own kid is hard enough as it is – I could give you a thousand examples of the situations that are making me lose my mind as a dad and even as a human being in general. I already wrote about how my son got shot in the park, I already asked you for advice about letting CutieDaughter get a Facebook account, I already told you about ripping the wings of butterflies, and of course I already told you that when it comes to my kids I’m a complete emotional mess.

As a dad, I get through those moments by thinking about the eventual benefits we’ll get as a family once we go through the crap. That is what keeps me going, and often a healthy dose of Whisky.

But when it comes to other people’s kids, there’s no real incentive to go through the crap with/for them because quite frankly the rewards would not be mine to enjoy anyways. I’m not saying that always prevents me from trying. I am a real softie at heart you know, and can’t stand the thought of giving up on anyone. Even kids that are mean to my kids.

In that spirit of not giving up on anyone, I spent about an hour chatting on Facebook with a friend of CutieDaughter.

A friend who basically spent an hour writing that my daughter was the biggest liar who ever lived, and also that she really missed her on Facebook since they were BFF. A friend who calls my house at 2am and hangs up when I pick up. A friend who made my daughter cry more times than I care to recall.

I give up.

Goodbye, friend.


  1. And that is why my kid doesn’t get a FB. They deal with that every day in person at school, why should I let her be exposed to it on an internet social site? Hell to the F%CK no! Eldest is a grounded, intelligent, quirky lady and nothing will get it’s hooks into her to change that!!

    1. I hear you. That’s why my daughter has been Facebook-less for the past 6 months.

      However, she will soon turn 13, and will be allowed to have a Facebook account without violating Facebook terms of service… Sure, I can block access to Facebook from my home computer, but I can’t prevent her from going to a friend’s house and create an account – heck, I can’t prevent her from doing that right now.

      So it’s more a case of giving her the proper tools to deal with that kind of e-drama, which I think she is not ready for, even at 13. :-/

      And seriously, what happened to kids respecting adults in general? Am I really that old? ::Sigh::

  2. My kid has a Facebook, but she’s been banned from it for at least 4 months, and for the unforeseeable future – because of these “friends” and other, dumb stuff. Mostly, though – when it comes to kids and their friends, it’s best to stay out of it. They fight and bicker and get really ugly – and then 10 minutes later, they’re right back to being OMG BFF 4EVR. It’s weird, and *I* don’t remember being like that, but I definitely remember some girls from school being that way (and I’m friends with them to this day!).

    1. The same thing happens with my daughter. My problem is that my daughter is very emotional, and she will cry for days when those kids are suddenly mean to her, and that makes me really angry.

      I stayed out of it as long as I could, but at some point enough is enough, no?

  3. Based on things that have happened before, I think you’re right to intervene and make that decision for her.

    Hopefully they’ll go all kiss kiss and make up and live happily ever after buuuuuuuuut since they’re teenage girls, I don’t think the happily ever after is likely >.<

    (We deal with the girl drama daily with my niece and her friends.)

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