The death of a Joke

So yesterday I published what I thought was a rather simple yet charming post, asking you my dear readers to “follow the yellow brick road”.

Apparently, I didn’t make it obvious enough. It seems that not a lot of people understood that I wanted you to click on the picture. šŸ˜‰

That would’ve taken you to Sheila’s blog, where you would’ve seen a post for her Birthday.

A post that I made.

Of course, I had inserted a few hints that this post was not made by Sheila:

But it seems that I may not have been clear enough that it was actually Sheila’s Birthday. šŸ˜‰

But no worries: Because she is damn old In a weird turn of events, it turns out that even Sheila forgot it was her Birthday yesterday! So you get a do over! Go visit her blog and wish her Happy Birthday!



  1. I saw your link over here and knew to click it, but I had already seen Sheila’s post. I assumed she wrote it and was just joking about her age. And she calls you all types of awesome names, so it didn’t surprise me that she called you a wizard. I already wished her a happy birthday, though, so that’s all she’s getting.

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